Friday, October 21, 2005

What Is Important?
I was reading someone's blog here at Blogger and it said, "Ths Blog is Going to Important Stuff". It turned out to be an Al Quida update. If there was an opinion, I didn't see it.
What is important? I think the update would have been positive or negative depending on where on is in the world. How important is this entire Al Quida thing to me? I can't change anything. I don't have the ear of anyone who does. I could go protest but so what?
Here's a scary thought. Suppose history proves Bush right? One hundred years from now Iraq is a democratic world power and they owe it all to the U.S.A. It could happen!
Then what would be important? How many of us jump on this band wagon or that or even pull the band wagon and have yet to conquer ourselves and bring our minds into submission? If you've ever meditated you know that your mind is out of control unless you take it over.
That would be important to me, having control of my own mind.
What about conditions of the heart? Greed, covetousness, murder, envy, lying, etc. If we could conquer the tongue and the heart things would be a whole lot better. I don't think we have it in ourselves to conquer our hearts. They can lie to us. If your own heart can deceive you than what hope is there that we can ever now where reality is ergo what is important? Selfishness is the problem and conquering it is important. It's in our bones so what do we do?

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